People in Northern Europe love potatoes but what many of them don’t realize is that it is a South American crop. Why is this important? I don’t know, do you?

We are a group of weird creative people from the north and the south (and in between) who decided to go and hunt the mother of all absurdities, kunst. We’re involved in the creation of zines, short films, experimental music, photography and other abstract projects.

CongaBorealis is a Platform for the Dissemination of Art from Contemporary Artists of the Global South and Northern Europe.

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Leonie Evita Rörich


Leonie is a university worker, writer and investigator. Her birth horoscope had predicted that in her future she would develop a strong interest in occultism.

However, as an adolescent she chose to become a conventional German-Swabian middle-class girl competing with her older brother for the best school grades. She was an early fan of imitation which led her to interact with exotic folks, guinea pigs and bald dolls via the medium of speech and intuitive staring. Albeit writing from an early age on, she has shied away from all kind of professionalism and quit writing school due to a severe allergy against group pressures. 

Karen Murillo


Karen is an art director, sociologist and zine-maker. In her spare time she enjoys making pottery and experimental music with a piano that she never learned how to play. Although she hates the poetry scene, she loves writing metaphors.

During her wasteful years she has traveled around the world searching for colors and connection, she has found it all, and also none. Karen is curator and contributor at CongaBorealis.

Rune Degett


Far away from his alternate existence in the advertising-world, Rune Degett seeks refuge with CongaBorealis as a platform for unfiltered and alternative creative exploration.

Rune has his roots in Scandinavia and has composed creative stories for brands through his work as a Creative Director in Copenhagen, Hamburg, Amsterdam, New York and Miami. He is a co-curator, contributor and co-founder of CongaBorealis.